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Maintaining the Magic of VBS

July 15, 2014

As I reflect on the joys of my childhood summers, Vacation Bible Cchool stands out as one of the biggest highlights of the season. As I recall it, this was the most exciting part at church. When else is there a whole week devoted to all the things kids like- music, arts & crafts, games and great snacks. All of my friends were in one place, the cool adults that loved being around kids were there focused on our enjoyment- What could be better? Then, Friday afternoon (or evening) came, and the energy faded as we transitioned into a “worship as usual” mode.

Last week’s VBS at DBC was awesome! Children from across our community entered with excitement, energy and anticipation. The entire experience, crafted to help children learn more about Jesus and draw closer to God, was executed with their interests and abilities at heart.

A few months ago, I heard a number of statistics about VBS that I was surprised to hear. The one that stood out to me was regarding the large percentage of children that make a decision for Jesus as a result of attending VBS. Wow, this initiative is effective.

So, how do we build upon the success we experienced last week? We have started our morning worship rally at 9:20 each Sunday morning for our children. This is an opportunity for them to get centered and have an age-appropriate praise and worship time. We are looking at firming up the structure and content to build-out a fun, spiritual experience for our children. Through interactive songs and opportunities for personal reflection and worship, we are laying the groundwork for what can be a consistently engaging God-experience that mirrors what they love and crave from VBS- just extended into Sunday morning experiences.

Of course, those that are energetic, creative and have a heart for worship are integral. Therefore, jump right on in and help us grow our children’s ministry into something that values the interests, abilities and dispositions of kids while helping them have authentic and powerful experiences with God.

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