Downtown Baptist Church

Church Leadership

Church Council (contact is responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating the total Church program.

Cora Terry/Debi Steinbacher - Clerk
Jared Terry & Casey Moore - Financial Management
Melinda Peterson & Carissa Vandermey - Personnel
Jeff Cox & Tommy Kinnett - Facilities
Dale Seward & David Joseph - Deacons
Dan Kotman - Endowment
Linda Crane & Sharon McMichael - Missions
Brenda Bearden, Susan Moore & Sam Moore - At Large
Maureen Bigger & Beverly Patton - Treasurers
Ron Allen - Youth Associate
Kyrstal Speed - Interim Children’s Director
January Church Council Minutes
Deacons (contact
Consistent with the New Testament instruction and practice, deacons are to be servants of the congregation. The purpose of the diaconate is to serve with the Pastor and the Ministry staff in performing pastoral ministries, proclaiming the Gospel, ministering to persons in need, and assisting the Church in accomplishing its mission.
Dale Seward, Chair, 2014    David Joseph, Vice Chair 2014        Tommy Kinnett, 2014         
Trevor Riggen, 2014
            Brian Roberts, 2015                          Debbie Roberts, 2015      
Troye Payne, 2015
               Andrea Blackmon, 2015                   Chris Hooke, 2015
Jeff Brach, 2016                   Chris Harrell, 2016                           Jared Terry, 2016

Financial Management (contact

Glenn Zauber, 2014              Sylvia Winterling, 2014      Sara Beth Arcara, 2014
Brian Hale, 2015                   Jared Terry, Chair 2015      Casey Moore, Vice Chair 2015
Carl Patton, 2016                 Dan Kotman, 2016

Personnel (contact is composed of six members and is responsible for assisting the Church in matters related to the administration of personnel. Personnel Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM in room 203.

Melinda Peterson, 2014        Beverly Patton, 2014
Hank Black, 2015                 Mike Calhoon, 2015

Laura Van Hove, 2016          Carissa Vandermey, 2016

Facilities (contact is generally composed of nine members and is responsible for the maintenance, management, health, safety, and security of all Church tangible property: all buildings (including 10 Norton Court), grounds, equipment, systems, and furnishings

Jeff Cox, 2014                       Jose Santos, 2014                  Jeremy Lane, 2014
John Bylen, 2015                  Bill Seward, 2015                  James Mosser, 2015

Tommy Kinnett, 2016           Laurie Miller, 2016                Ramon Perez, 2016